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PVC Filler & Repair Paste

Stelmax PVC Filler & Repair Paste is a mix of PVC resins, pigments, plasticiser and solvents, that will gap fill and bond readily to form maintenance free joints of exceptional strength when used to bond and fill rigid and plasticized PVC and PVC coated metal. Good adhesion can also be achieved when used with many porous substrates.

When dry the product will exhibit weathering, UV and chemical resistance similar to that of a good quality rigid PVC. Sealed joints will retain a degree of flexibility to cater for minor expansion and contraction of the substrate whilst remaining water and gas tight. Stelmax PVC Filler & Repair Paste is available in British Standard colours with matching facilities available on request for special colours.

 PVC filler & repair paste


Available in 50gm and 132gm tubes and 300gm cartridges, the product can be supplied in ANY colour. This product is more commonly used in association with coated metal fabrications such as fascias and wall claddings to provide weathertight seals between panels or to be used as a filler to repair any compromise to the weather protection or encapsulation caused by screw fixings, cut edges etc.


Ensure surfaces to which the PVC Filler & Repair Paste is to be applied are clean and dry.
Clean all areas with either Stelmax PVC Ultraclean or Thinners & Cleaning Fluid prior to application.
Cut away the sealed tip of the PVC Filler & Repair Paste 300gm cartridge with a sharp blade, or alternatively, remove the cap from the PVC Filler & Repair Paste 132gm tube, invert and pierce the sealed membrane.
Attach the appropriate tapered applicator nozzle and, trim the applicator nozzle to the desired aperture.
Run a continuous bead of sealant along the aperture and leave to cure. The curing period will be determined by the width and depth of aperture to be filled and, the temperature and weather conditions at the time of application, which could extend to a number of days.
Do not attempt to smooth the product with fingers or by using any form of shaping tools.
During the curing process you will experience some degree of shrinkage of the product through solvent evaporation.
Remove any excess material immediately with either Stelmax PVC Ultraclean or Thinners & Cleaning Fluid.
To retain the PVC Filler & Repair Paste in a usable condition, seal the end of the tube by replacing the cap or seal the end of the tube/cartridge applicator nozzle with polythene.


300gm cartridge with additional tapered applicator nozzle for use with a standard mastic gun. Packaged 20 per box.
132gm metal tube with additional tapered plastic applicator nozzle. Packaged 16 per box.
50gm metal tube with integral nozzle. Packaged 25 per box.


300gm cartridge - 6months
132gm tubes - 6 months
50gm tubes - 3 months
Store at moderate temperatures. During severe cold periods the product should be immersed in warm water to return the product to its original consistency when required.