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Profiled Foam Fillers

Foam fillers are used to seal roofing and cladding profiles from dust, water and vapour ingress. Typical applications include sealing eaves, ridges and rooflights.

Large flute, Small flute, Pairs, Symmentrical, Tops off, The angle

Large flute

This is the filler that is designed to fit down into the valleys of the profile, and is normally used under the ridge flashing.

Small flute

The small flute sits on the opposite side of the sheet to the large flute, and fits up into the crown of the profile. Small flute fillers are normally applied under the roof sheet at the eaves.


If the roof is a simple pitch, it is often more convenient to order fillers as matching pairs of large and small flute.


Some profiles have identical crown and valley dimensions. The fillers to fit such profiles are de
as symmetrical.

Tops off

Removing the top of the flutes on small flute fillers allows ventilation of the void. Condensation forming the underside of the sheet can run down over the top of the filler.

The angle

Fillers which are to be fitted along hips or valleys must be cut to the angle formed by the flashing or valley and the short dimension of the profiled sheet. This angle, known as the 'true angle' is not the same as the angle on plan or the roof pitch, but is calculated from these two. The true angle can be calculated by Powell Gee if both plan and pitch angles are supplied.
In the case of particularly steep angles, fillers are supplied in either half, third or quarter cover-width lengths.


Due to the diversity of roofing and cladding profiles, fillers are:

  • Made to measure.
  • Supplied in a range of materials, thicknesses and colours.

The following options are available:

  • Ventilated.
  • Self adhesive.
  • With extended base.
  • Spacer or strip form.
  • Angle cuts.
 Specification Weight/ density Thickness  Colour  Durability
 Polyethylene 33kg/m²  25mm + 30mm  White, black or
 black & white
 15 years
 High Density
45kg/m²  30mm + 50mm  White  20 years
 E.P.D.M laminate
40kg/m²  25mm + 30mm  Black  20 years
 E.P.D.M 115kg/m²  25mm  Black or white  20 years
33kg/m²  25mm + 30mm  Black or white  20+ years